Dorphyll Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangalore, India. For 30 years we have consistently serviced and distributed pharmaceutical drugs all across India. Our expertise and accomplishments are validated through our timeline…

Started our first venture – MYPHARMA – providing wholesaling services of pharmaceutical drugs to about 1,000 sub-wholesalers/retailers/doctors in Karnataka and neighboring districts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Were awarded as the biggest dealer of HAL (Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd.)

Were C&A/Superstockist for the state of Karnataka — for companies like Intas, Ranbaxy, Alkem (Kaizen), Pharmed, NATCO Pharma Ltd, SOL Pharmaceuticals, Systopic Pharmaceuticals, May & Baker, Blue Cross Generics, PDPL Generics, etc.

Started our new venture – MONNU PHARMA – exclusively to service our franchisee distributors.

Were C&A/Superstockist for the state of Karnataka — for several new Pharmaceutical Manufacturers — as well as companies like EMIL Pharmaceuticals, BIOSTADT India Ltd (previously division of Wockhardt), etc.

Expanded our distribution to Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Crossed the magical figure of 125 products under our flagship.


Mr. Madhav Kumar – Founder

After working in a pharmaceutical distribution for 8 years, Mr. Madhav Kumar decided to venture out on his own. Since then, in 30 years, he has achieved perfection in this industry and Dorphyll Healthcare is a prime example of this.

A larger than life persona, fondly known as “Maghu bhai”, he encouraged entrepreneurship and promoted self-belief in his employees. A standing testimonial is that 28 of his employees have setup their own pharmaceutical businesses.

Today, Dorphyll Healthcare has a wide range of products, numbering about 125, and is doing exceedingly well with every passing day.  Newer products are being brought to the fore in the quickest manner possible.


To expand Dorphyll across all geographies by 2020.

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