Open Letter To All The Doctors in India

From The Executive Director’s Desk
Bangalore, India
March 2016


Good day Doctors,

This is Hitesh and I am the executive director of Dorphyll Healthcare.

What I am about to share is very important to you and every doctor out there.

Every year, a lot of drugs are found to be spurious and sub-standard. You’d be surprised to know that even the biggest companies sometimes produce sub-standard drugs due to manufacturing fault.

We, at Dorphyll Healthcare, are committed to providing high quality drugs at affordable prices accompanied with a COA (Certificate of Analysis). COA gives you information about the standard quality aspects of each drug.

Such good quality exists in our entire range of products that include tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, injections, ointments, protein powders, dry syrups, and much more.

And through our distribution network, doctors have approved and prescribed our drugs in several big hospitals in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. All our satisfied doctors have repeatedly ordered our drugs again.

At the moment our target market is:

  • Small & Mid-Level Nursing homes
  • Small, Mid-Level & Big Hospitals
  • Dispensing Doctors
  • Non Profit Organizations which buy affordable drugs for their needs

Here’s the distribution model that many pharma companies follow:


And here is Dorphyll’s distribution model:

You will see from the graphs above, that there are no “middle-men.” And there is no loading of unnecessary margins (margin of C&F, margin of Distributor & margin of Sub-Distributor).

Hence this increases your return on investment in a way no other company does.

Note that you will also get a very good quality product at a highly affordable price.

Give Dorphyll an opportunity to service you and we will make sure that this will be one of the better decisions you took in your professional life. That’s a guarantee from our whole team!

Hitesh Kumar M
+91 98860 68550