The team at Dorphyll Healthcare is always doing active research on the new developments in the field of Pharmaceuticals. Our process includes the following activities:

Market Research

Our team rigorously researches:

  • Update on the latest Pharmaceutical molecules – in the research pipeline, as well as near-to-release in market
  • Latest Drug Price Control Order (DPCO) changes and amendments
  • Gazette notifications regarding change of schedules
  • DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) approval of new products, and deletion of existing products
  • Survey of the top 500 brands in India, and the sales trend of the existing pharmaceutical products

As a result of this, our drugs are the most conforming with respect to DPCO price, SCHEDULE changes, etc. All this research helps us to get new products out into the market in the shortest time possible. Today, 15 of our products are DCGI approved.


We are extremely quality conscious at Dorphyll.

We have COA (Certificate of Analysis) for every batch of every product manufactured for us. Moreover, our products are manufactured only after rigorous inspection of each facility, and also if one of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies is already manufacturing the same product in that facility.

All of these facilities are GMP, ISO 9001-2008 certified, and most of these facilities are also WHO approved. Most of our vendors export to African countries, as well as South East Asian Countries. Their facilities have been inspected by Foreign Drug Authorities, and been given the go-ahead for manufacturing after passing stringent requirements.

Our vendors — supplying to state/central government agencies — have also been inspected by various drug departments and related authorities of the government of India.

Quality Control

Quality is our guiding principle in all aspects of our business.

We closely monitor the quality based aspects to ensure consistency of each and every batch of each and every product. All input raw materials are evaluated as per the established specifications. Further, a thorough analysis and certification of finished products is done.