Over the years, Dorphyll has not only added new customers… but also successfully exceeded expectations of existing customers. Here’s what our “extended family” has to say about us:

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • The quality of drugs and the service provided by Dorphyll Healthcare are very good. In fact, at my office, we have given Dorphyll the nickname of “Service” –Mr. Nagarajan, Distributor, Tamil Nadu

  • We have been associated with Dorphyll since the beginning, and hence benefited from its growth as well. Today, my revenue has grown by 4x times in 4 years, and all thanks to the ever increasing range of Dorphyll products. The high quality of drugs and the affordable prices are a blockbuster hit with my doctors!–Mr.Kumar, Distributor, Karnataka

  • I have used 30 products of Dorphyll Healthcare over the past 4 years. The good quality, excellent service, affordable price and the smile on my patients lips is the reason why I prescribe Dorphyll's products again and again!–Dr. J. Vishwaradhya, MBBS (L.R.C.P.Edin. L.R.C.S Edin. L.R.C.P.S Glasg), Ex. R.M.O. "Bombay Hospital" Bombay

  • I have prescribed almost all of Dorphyll's products. Now I refuse to accept other multinational brands as substitutes to Dorphyll's products–Dr. Manjunath, MBBS, Bangalore

  • The products – ‘DORFEN’ gel and ‘ACEDOR-TH’ tablet have given me relief from my problem of RSI, which has been troubling me for 15 years. Thank you and keep up the good work!–Mr. Rajiv Sharma, Consumer, CEO, Virgosys Software

  • The nutritional supplements have really helped my Dad, and my household servant, and increased their productivity.–Mr.Abhishek Sarda, Consumer, Proprietor, Sree Ganesh Enterprises

These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials that we receive every year. You can be a part of our family too. Just connect with us here.